Q: What is BizPlus?
A: BizPlus is an application available on smart devices like iPad/Android that encourages customer to share his/her ON THE SPOT opinion about the services and product that in turn results in generating a real time report to be used by the company or business helping it to focus on customer's interests resulting growth in business.

Q: How BizPlus will help my business?
A: BizPlus is an application that helps you take your customer's opinion/ feedback about your product and service ON THE SPOT. BizPlus makes you available with a real time analysis on the basis of feedback and generates a report that the business owner can use to strategize and strengthen his business resulting growth.

Q: What all BizPlus will be compatible with?
A: At present BizPlus works with iPhone, iPad and Android. We are working on compatibility with other mobile devices like Tablet PCs and Blackberry phones.

Q: What it involves to start with implementation of BizPlus for any business?
A: Initially the business owner has to share his interests related to the questionnaire, user interface, information etc. about the product or business for which he wants to use the BizPlus for, so that the same can be facilitated in the application.

Q: What kind of technical's are involved with management of BizPlus ?
A: It will be very easy to use BizPlus application in whole. The application will be installed on the device and the business owner can simply present the same to his customer asking to share his/her opinion. For example: the questionnaire will be available and the customer would only need to do selection of his choice from the options. Moreover business owner will be provided with a User and Password to access the application management system on our website where he/she can manage and check the reports etc.

Q: Will there be any limitation to the number of feedbacks we can input in the application?
A: No, there will be no limitation as such.

Q: What kind of support will be available?
A: Technical support team will help in required graphics generation and proper functioning of the BizPlus application.